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Digital Products To Help You Stand Out, Win Trust & Influence, In Person & Online.


Video Training

The Confident Virtual Presenter.

If you want to become more confident on camera, learn how to script content OR just know what it takes to look your best on your next VIDEO call then this program is for you.

Audio Book

Get Ready For Impact [Audio Book].

The exact same book as above to the sound of my manly voice and without the pretty pictures.

(This purchase will be from the Apple Book Store)

Video Training

The 60 Second Video Generator.

This is my go to method when I am writing scripts for my short videos. This is the same process that I teach in my LIVE video training workshops.

(shhhh its a game changer)

Digital Book

Own The Lens

5 Key Principles Of Virtual Speakers.

This ebook is small and mighty, I share 5 ideas that will change the way you approach presenting on camera and online.

Digital Book

The Big Book Of Conversation Starters

The title says it all....

This a huge collection of conversation starters for every occasion (over 250 if I remember rightly)

Never be stuck for what to say again.

Digital Book

How To Win People Over

7 Habits Of Influential People.

Another small yet powerful offering from yours truly. Its yours for FREE so I will save trying to convince you to download it.... JUST DO IT.

My Promise To You

Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident you will LOVE these products that I am willing to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee if you feel that you don't get value from this program....

Not only that I will also let you keep everything.... YOU CAN'T LOSE!